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Promoting. Again. Woohoo.


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Not cleaning...

I'm just making a random entry while I avoid cleaning the apartment... I should probably randomly friend a shit ton of people on here. 'Cause really all I'm doing right now is talking to myself. And one other person. The rabbit person.

I feel like posting some more pictures. Of the rats perhaps...? Me and the boy...? Hrm. Dunno. Maybe I'll do multiple entries with a bunch of pictures.

I hope I get into that community, people actually DO stuff in it. Well. Picture time...?

IMG_3116.jpg picture by ccvole

IMG_2951.jpg picture by ccvole

IMG_2753.jpg picture by ccvole

Well. I suppose that's it for now. Time to go make some friends on here. WOO.


You should join this or it will come kick your ass.


Just wanted to introduce my cavies, which happen to be at my parent's house in WA while I'm in MT for school. But anyhow, here they are!

I need a friend to talk to. I don't seem to have any that actually want to talk about anything that is wrong in my life. There really isn't that much, it just seems like it when I don't have an ear to listen to me sometimes.

Anybody out there?

Jun. 26th, 2007

I have no entries. Well. Now I do. Today was rather dull.
Although I did get the bejesus scared out of me when I dozed off watching my rat Bop run around on the futon.. A few minutes later I woke up and lo and behold... No Bop. Ran around for awhile and finally found the little guy hiding near some garbage bags in the kitchen.
Anyway, I don't plan to play with my ratties while tired ever again.
I suppose that is all.

Not Bop... One of the ratties I have yet to name. Any help on the matter?